Lingjun Xu (许灵筠)

Email: xlj_rk[at], lingjunxu.rk[at]

About Me

I’m currently a graduate student at School of Intelligence Science and Technology, Peking University.


Guangzhou Zhixin High School

Class 2 of the Yuanpei Project

2014.09 - 2017.06

It was a glorious time when I fought and harvested together with my lovely comrades.

  • Mainly studied science
  • Member of Video Group, Zhixin TV Station

Peking University

B.S. of Data Science and Big Data Technology, School of EECS

2017.09 - 2021.07

Surgeless, stricken, gloomy, and finally settled.

Selected Courseworks:

  • Data structure and algorithms: Data Structure and Algorithm (A), Algorithm Design and Analysis, Introduction to Database Systems (Honor Track)
  • System: Introduction to Computer Systems, Operating Systems (A), Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Maths and machine learning: Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age, Web Data Mining, Numerical Methods (B), Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Introduction to Visualization and Visual Computing, Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics
  • Something else I found interesting: The Enjoyment of Music, Introduction to Psychology, Chinese SanShou, Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory, Singing and Performance in Art Songs


I’m advised by Dr. Guojie Song.

My research interests include graph machine learning and social computing.

  • Guojie Song, Yizhou Zhang, Lingjun Xu and Haibing Lu. Domain Adaptive Network Embedding. IEEE Transactions on Big Data, 2020. [link]
  • Qingqing Long, Lingjun Xu (Equal Contribution), Zheng Fang, and Guojie Song. HGK-GNN: Heterogeneous Graph Kernel based Graph Neural Networks. KDD, 2021. [link]
  • Zheng Fang, Lingjun Xu (Equal Contribution), Guojie Song, Qingqing Long and Yingxue Zhang. Polarized Graph Neural Networks. WWW, 2022. [link]
  • Lingjun Xu, Shiyin Zhang, Guojie Song, Junshan Wang, Tianshu Wu, Guojun Liu. Taxonomy-Enhanced Graph Neural Networks. CIKM, 2022. [link]


Java XiaoXiaoLe Game (Group Project)


An interesting single-player game!

  • Assigned tasks and organized discussions among five students as the team leader
  • Designed the GUI theme (results of OpenJudge submissions) to attract CS students
  • Implemented several stage properties and an anti-addict system

Python & SQL Simple E-commercial Platform


Commerce is always not an easy thing.

  • Front end: A simple GUI for customers and vendors implemented by Python
  • Back end: Operation in the database using SQL, with multiple characteristics like view, trigger, stored procedure, transaction, etc.

JavaScript Visualization of Tweets related to NeurIPS 2020 (Group Project)


What are the researcher talking most about during a top-level ML Conference?

Responsible for the Overview of Tweets page

  • Visualized the relationship between the sending time of a piece of tweet and the number of retweets using a scatter diagram
  • Analyzed the relavance between the number of tweets and the schedule of the conference
  • Conducted case studies at critical moments during the conference
  • Performed sentiment analysis with Baidu NLP API

Intern Experience

Tencent LBS, Beijing

Android Software Development Engineer Intern

2020.07 - 2020.10

Tencent LBS
  • Built a demo using Tencent Map Android SDK, with functions of basic map, AOI layers, keyword searching and hints, driving path planning, snapshoot, etc.
  • Acquired knowledge of the basic framework and implementation of Android map SDK



  • Proficient: Python(PyTorch), C/C++
  • Intermediate: Java
  • Basic: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android


  • Native: Cantonese & Mandarin
  • Fluent: English
  • Basic: Japanese & Korean

A Little More About Me

Assumed Names

Reikun, Ayako(綾子), Sherria


  • Music: Piano & Vocal music [see PKUEECS129]
  • Sports: Swimming & Tennis
  • Writing Stories [see Scarlet Rook(绯色的乌鸦) blog]
  • Studying Languages
  • Subjects: History, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology
  • Favorite Singers/Musical Actors: Zhou Shen, Zheng Yunlong, Ayanga, Mai Kuraki, and Andrea Bocelli
  • Favorite Tennis Players: Roger Federer & Denis Shapovalov
  • Favorite Manga: Detective Conan